NICE Accelerates Momentum to Fortify its Market Leadership in Cognitive Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence with New Customer Wins and Innovative Technology

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NICE Accelerates Momentum to Fortify its Market Leadership in Cognitive Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence with New Customer Wins and Innovative Technology - on

NICE (NASDAQ-NMS: NICE) today announced the rapidly growing momentum behind its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, with the world’s largest enterprises adopting the solution to automate both repetitive and highly complex business processes. The company has on boarded eight new technology partners since the launch of its open RPA platform in September and grown its network of global strategic partnerships to more than 40 leading organizations, spanning consulting, implementation, and training partners.

NICE’s proprietary RPA platform and technology has found strong favour in the market as the leading solution that delivers a seamless integration of both desktop (attended) and robotic (unattended) automations within a single offering. This approach marks NICE’s native capability to automate more complex process scenarios such as exceptions escalations, with precision and speed.

With a primed ability to automate more complex operational processes, NICE’s framework for integration with cognitive software vendors enables organizations to take advantage of integrations with the foremost in cognitive technology for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), chat and voice bots, and machine learning. This unique set of capabilities is changing the game by establishing new industry standards as enterprises are approaching NICE to support their strategic transformation initiatives.

Growing market penetration

Since the beginning of the year, NICE has tripled its cadence of acquiring new RPA customers, with leading public and private sector organizations around the globe adopting the platform for automation of complex operational processes. NICE’s most recent new business win, a leading business process outsourcing provider in the US, is using the combination of NICE’s attended, unattended and OCR functionality to process invoice and shipment orders.

In addition, NICE’s unique set of capabilities and innovative technology integrations is enabling it to increase the breadth and scope of its vertical market penetration. NICE is expanding beyond its traditional set of verticals such as banking, telecom and insurance by entering new vertical markets such as oil & gas, electronics and hi-tech.

Accelerating investment in innovation

NICE is committed to drive innovation in the artificial intelligence and cognitive automation space. In-house cognitive automation innovations are in development and will be augmented by integrating with some of NICE’s strongest solutions such as text and speech analytics, workforce optimization and case management.

In an aggressive product roadmap for 2018, NICE plans to push the threshold of industry standards by delivering the following innovative capabilities to enterprise customers of all sizes:

  • A reading robot that leverages Nexidia text and speech analytics to understand a customer’s intent from unstructured data, helping chatbots and agents to respond in a way that intuitively meets the customer’s needs in real-time.
  • A cognitive technology that uses NICE’s rich analytics engine to automatically identify processes suitable for automation.
  • A unique shape analysis capability that will transform the way RPA software interfaces with enterprise applications.


NICE has recently earned strong industry recognition for the innovative features of its cognitive automation solutions, including a TMC Labs Award and a Saddletree Kachina award for Innovation in Emerging Technologies in 2017.

Barak Eilam CEO of NICE:

“NICE is stepping up our investment in cognitive technologies to strengthen our position as the market leader in business process automation. Our next generation of RPA solutions will enable our customers to further elevate their efficiency, increase employee engagement and introduce an unsurpassed standard of service by automating increasingly complex processes that previously required human judgement. Customers that have deployed our platform are already seeing a visible return on investment—but we’re just at the beginning of an automation economy that will transform every industry over the years to come.”

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