ORAU Survey Seeks to Measure Employee Attitudes about Personal Mobile Device, Social Media Restrictions in the Workplace

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The White House announced that beginning January 16 staff members who work in the West Wing will be prohibited from using personal mobile devices on the job out of concern for national security. While the announcement is newsworthy, the reality is many workplaces prohibit the use of personal mobile devices and restrict access to social media during the workday because of security concerns.

Researchers from ORAU and the Florida Institute of Technology are teaming up to conduct a survey of people in this situation. The voluntary, anonymous online survey will measure employee attitudes about these workplace restrictions, and ultimately help employers create a better working environment for people who are restricted from using personal mobile devices and social media.

“Employers create these restrictions for a number of valid reasons, from protecting proprietary information to safeguarding national security, but recruiting employees to work in these environments can be difficult,” said Dr. Jeffrey Miller, senior scientist at ORAU and principal investigator on the survey. “We want to help employers make this situation more palatable for their employees.”

Miller expects preliminary results to be available in May. The survey can be found online at:

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