Leafbuyer Technologies Enhances Search Platform with “Consumer Login” and “Deals Heat Map”

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Leafbuyer Technologies Enhances Search Platform with “Consumer Login” and “Deals Heat Map” - on

Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: LBUY) (“Leafbuyer”), a leading cannabis technology platform, announced the launch of two additional features to complement its revolutionary SIMPLE SEARCH tool; a “Deals Heat Map” and a “Consumer Login.”

The addition of the “Consumer Login” login to is aligned with the social media movement where consumers can personalize and save their favorite searches. Visitors to can now login to the site and save their preferences to assist in future visits. The technology will recognize deals, menus, locations and overall preferences that could appeal to cannabis consumers, based on their past searches.

The “Heat Map” feature is a new crowd-sourced tool on that will automatically display the popularity of a specific deal. “We have one of the largest cannabis deals databases in the industry and consumers are constantly looking for great offers on their favorite cannabis products.” said Leafbuyer VP of Business Development Mark Breen. “This feature will also reward the dispensaries that post great deals and enhance their visibility on our site.” Breen added.

“We continue to aggressively develop technology that meets the demands of every savvy cannabis consumer,” said Leafbuyer CEO Kurt Rossner. “This technological advancement pushes Leafbuyer ahead of the industry in online search technology. From a business standpoint, the increased visibility into search preference will allow us to drive greater value to our customers through pinpointed ROI tracking,” Rossner added.

This development compliments Leafbuyer’s revolutionary SIMPLE SEARCH design, which was launched in October of 2017. SIMPLE SEARCH allows cannabis consumers to discover thousands of local dispensaries, specific menu items, and special offers that match their personal interests and medical needs.

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